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RNET nº 2902

Internal Protocol - June 2020 Revision






JUNE 2020





Table of Contents


JUNE 2020. 1











The present Internal Protocol is based on the directions and guidelines emanated from the General Health Directorate as well as all norms and indications from the Turismo de Portugal, with special emphasis on those with which we were accredited the Clean & Safe stamp.

We also apply the guidelines stated by the World Health Organization, as well as the International Protocol produced by the World Travel & Tourism Council. Which in turn has accredited us their Safe Travels stamp.




The Hotel is committed to supplying all information and/or specific training to all employees, pertinent to their function at the unit.





We provide all necessary information to our guests on how to comply with basic precautionary measures for prevention and infection control during the present pandemic; as well as this Internal Protocol.





Individual Protection Equipment, in accordance with job functions, for all employees;

Individual Protection Equipment available to guests at check-in, with obligatory usage of a mask in all public areas at the Hotel;

Single use cleaning materials, proportionate to the hotel’s size, including biodegradable single use cloths, humid with disinfectant, bleach and hydro alcohol at 70°;

Hand sanitizers with alcohol based antiseptic solution or alcohol-based solution at all entry points, on each floor at the lifts, also at Reception and the Restaurant’s entrance;

Disinfectant mat at the Hotel’s main entry and in the employee’s access corridor;

Trash bins with non-manual opening and plastic bags;

Defined isolation area for people detected as possible suspect case (whilst awaiting confirmation), or confirmed cases of CoViD-19, with natural ventilation, bathroom, chirurgical mask, discardable gloves, disinfectant kit, thermometer, independent trash bin, biological residue bags, common trash bags for collecting used clothes, water & some non-perishable food items;

In public lavatories, equipment for handwashing with liquid soap and paper towels.





Hygienization (washing & disinfecting) of surfaces where people circulate, both guests and in employee’s exclusive areas, guaranteeing control and prevention of infections and antimicrobial resistances;

Hygienization of commonly used surfaces and objects (light switches, door knobs, closet handles, phones, counters, tables);

Preference for wet cleaning, instead of dry;

The used vacuum cleaners use HEPA filters;

Regular renovation of the air in closed spaces and rooms;

The pool disinfection is carried out with the usual protocol, with the water being replaced when necessary and chlorination on accordance with applicable laws;

In the Restaurant the hygienization of utensils has been increased, as well as of equipment and surfaces, avoiding to the most any direct handling of food by clients. The Buffet is protected with an acrylic Plexiglas and only one employee will serve the food, according to the client’s order.





The creation of two separate housekeeping crews, one for changing linens and towels and making up the beds and a second to handle the cleaning, with two separate interventions (given the linens’ team might generate aerosols). Both teams are to be properly equipped with full protective gear (mask, eye gear, disposable plastic apron over the uniform, gloves);

The removal of bed linens and towels should be handled without jostling or shaking and should be rolled from the outside inwards, without leaning it on the body and directly placing it in a closable bag on the laundry cart;

Washing will be made in separate machines for linens/towels and employees’ uniforms and at high temperatures (aprox. 60°C).





There is always an employee on duty responsible for activating the procedures in case of a suspected case (accompanying the person with symptoms to the isolation area if necessary, providing all necessary help and aiding in contacting the National Health Service);

The decontamination of the isolation area every time there is a confirmed case of infection and reinforcement of cleaning and disinfection when there are suspected cases, especially on the more commonly handled and used surfaces, in accordance with indications;

The storing of residues produced by suspected cases will be made in a closed plastic bag (i.e. with a clamp) and segregated from other residues, to be sent to a licensed biological hazardous management company;

Daily self-monitoring for fever (checking temperature twice a day and registering values and time) as well as checking for coughing and/or breathing difficulties of all employees.







Employees must direct themselves to the service entry, still out of uniform;

Upon entering the Hotel, they must disinfect both hands and footwear;

They shall then proceed to self-monitoring of their body temperature with the supplied infra-red thermometer and register both the value and the time (without their names); the thermometer is to be disinfected with the provided wet tissues;

After which they may then proceed to changing in to their uniform to begin their shift;

They must respect their respective section’s protocol for beginning of service.





During breaks, all employees maintain the duty of avoiding agglomerations amongst themselves, opting for rotational breaks instead.





The cafeteria is reduced to a maximum capacity of 6 simultaneous users;

Before heading to the cafeteria, employees will remove their PPE’s used up to then and wash and disinfect their hands;

Then, at a prearranged schedule for each employee, the kitchen staff will proceed to placing the meal at the employee’s designated collection area;

Having collected the meal, the employee will head to the cafeteria, where, respecting duly implemented social distancing, may be seated. Glasses, cutlery and all necessary utensils are provided in sufficient number to prevent sharing;

The recommended cleaning product has been placed next to the coffee machine, to be disinfected after each use;

After eating, each employee must place their used dishes in the cafeteria sink, so as to minimize posterior contact with the employee responsible for the washing and cleaning;

During these times of extraordinary measures, each employee can only remain in the cafeteria up to a maximum of 30m;

Afterwards, they shall collect fresh PPE’s, proper to their functions and return to their respective section.





With their shift completed, employees shall proceed to the proper removal and disposal of used PPE’s;

They shall then change into their own clothes, packing their uniforms in a closed bag;

At the exit they shall disinfect their footwear (used to walk to the exit) and their hands.





All employees will attend to and respect proper breathing etiquette, namely: sneezing into the inside of their elbow or into a tissue, to be immediately discarded in the trash;

Keep social distancing during contact with guests and co-workers;

The use of a mask is mandatory whilst circulating in any and all closed spaces, including staff only areas.





All employees attended the online Clean & Safe webinars, ministered by the Turismo de Portugal.






All orders will be placed online or via phone, thus avoiding unnecessary entries to the Hotel;

No entry is allowed to non-staff members; with the exception of technicians for specific maintenance or repairs of equipment (whilst wearing their proper PPE’s);

The employee receiving the orders/goods must be wearing the proper PPE’s;

A differentiated schedule has been made for different suppliers, in order to avoid possible cross contamination;

Deliveries are to be left outside the delivery zone by suppliers (and subsequently retrieved by employees);

The GHD recommendations of a 24h quarantine period for deliveries will be respected;

All received goods must be disinfected, with the exception of fresh produce not delivered in vacuum; when delivered in card/plastic boxes, all goods shall be transferred to in-house clean and disinfected boxes;

Internal distribution carts are to be clean and disinfected before and after every use.








The entire team is duly informed of all implemented measures and is qualified to answer any and all doubts that may be presented by the guests;

Our cancellation policy has been adjusted & updated to the present circumstances, with a full refund of pre-pandemic bookings;

Check-in time has also been altered, now starting from 4:00pm, so as to allow the proper spacing between the 2 hygienization moments;

The paper edition of the Hotel Directory has been removed from all lodgings and replaced with a digital version, available via TV;

Mini-bar content has been removed from the rooms, remaining available at the Front Desk and provided upon request, thus avoiding cross contamination;

The Hotel’s main entrance has been split, creating properly identified and separate entry/exit circuits;

We’ve placed a hand sanitizer both at the entry point, as well as the Reception counter;

Reception has a machine to disinfect luggage at check-in;

The counter has been adapted with the placing of an acrylic Plexiglas to guarantee distancing between guests and receptionists and we’ve placed markings on the floors as well;

When possible, Reception will contact guests prior to arrival in order to request all necessary check-in information, towards expediting the process and minimize time and physical contact at the counter;

At check-in, the receptionist must take all arriving guest’s temperature in accordance with norm 004/2020, dated 23/03/2020 and updated on 25/04/2020 from the GHD and with a temperature of ? 38°C shall be directed to contact the national hotline linha SNS 808 24 24 24;

The previously hygiened key-card is handed to the guest;

In case a guest asks for a borrowed pen it shall be hygiened before handing over and upon returning;

For payments, electronic methods are preferred, namely contactless card, MB Way, NFC or bank draft (3 banking days before).





The total capacity of the restaurant has been reduced, in order to allow required distancing between patrons of different lodgings;

To maximize the air renewal within the restaurant, it’s doors, simultaneously with the front doors, will be opened for a minimum of 15m every hour;

Attending to occupancy levels and predictable number of meals to be served, it might become necessary to impose a differentiated schedule for guests and/or request a booking, in order to avoid guest agglomerations and long waiting periods;

We’ve adopted the usage of discardable napkins, wrapped individually in bags with the cutlery;

We’ve dropped using table cloths, favoring individual placemats, more easily handled and hygiened;

The restaurant employee is duly equipped with the PPE’s in accordance with their function;

At the bar entrance, now functioning as the restaurant entry point, there is a hand sanitizer and the entry circuit is well identified;

The buffet is shielded with an acrylic Plexiglas, allowing the customer to view the food available to order and simultaneously guarantee only the designated employee has any contact with the food;

Mise-en-place is solely executed after guests sit at a table;

New plastic menus have been acquired;

In case a guest asks for a borrowed pen it shall be hygiened before handing over and upon returning;

The restaurant POS is protected by an acrylic Plexiglas and the APT is disinfected before and after usage;

Upon the client exiting, dishes are collected and the table and chairs are hygiened.





Upon entering the kitchen, before engaging any activity, all staff will mandatorily proceed to washing and disinfecting of hands;

Employees will be divided in separate work shifts per section;

Each cook has their own utensils, so none are to be shared;

The kitchen mise-en-place is to be carried out wearing renewed gloves at different stages, whilst washing hands and disinfecting between changes of processes;

Washing and disinfection of utensils is now mandatory during the same task (as opposed to only when changing tasks) several times daily, as well as hygienization of different work surfaces and working areas (counters, taps, door knobs, etc.) in accordance with newly implemented hygiene plans;

Place footwear protection every time leaving the Hotel is required (collecting deliveries and/or trash runs);

Only 1 employee is allowed simultaneous access to the fridges, storage rooms.





All physical menus, price-tables and directories have been removed from all lodgings, being replaced with digital versions, to be looked up on the TV;

The entry of any staff for housekeeping of in-house guests is only permitted in the absence of said guests;

Before entering lodgings, employees must wear fresh disposable PPE’s (gloves, apron, mask) and disinfect footwear;

Linen/Towel exchange is performed every 3 days, or upon request;

When linen is replaced, collections is to be made without waggling and rolled, without touching the body, from the outside towards inside, duly placed in a bag, promptly closed, for delivery to the laundry;

We’ve acquired a machine for housekeeping for the specific disinfection of curtains, mattresses and sofas/couches;

All extra pillows, blankets and other supplementary equipment has been removed and is only available upon request;

After housekeeping each lodging, employees must properly dispose of discardable PPE’s.






The designated employee for cleaning and hygiene of Public Areas is mandatorily wearing the appropriate PPE’s, including visor, face mask, discardable mask and apron;

The general hygiene plan has been updated within accordance of the GHD guidelines and has been increased to a minimum of 6x a day in all areas, surfaces and recommended equipment.






Mandatory use of mask;

Hands preferably washed with water and liquid soap and disinfected before any and all treatments;

Whenever possible, gloves are to be worn when in contact with clients;

Access to the SPA is only allowed with pre-booking and without the ability of an escort;

The minimum interval in between each guest will be 30m, in order to allow for the proper hygiene of the space and used equipment;

The use of the cardio fitness equipment is limited to 1 simultaneous user, unless staying in the same lodging, with reservation and a minimum 30m interval for proper cleaning and hygiene;

The Saunas & Turkish Bath are, unfortunately, closed, as well as the corridor giving access to the pool via the SPA.



All employees must wear a mask when circulating within the hotel;

Employees are only allowed to enter occupied lodgings to perform maintenance when guests are away;

Before entering any occupied lodging, disposable PPE’s must be worn and footwear disinfected;

Upon leaving the lodging, employees will correctly dispose of the PPE’s in the trash and proceed to hand hygiene and all of the used tools;

In case they need to exit the premises, inside the service vehicle there is a disinfectant kit, including for footwear, along with all necessary PPE’s required for external services; hygienization is mandatory upon return to premises.





The use of a mask is mandatory in all public areas. Their removal is only allowed after seating at the restaurant and whilst using the pool;

Check-in begins at 4:00pm

Check-out is until 12:00pm

Breakfast is served between 7:30am and 10:30am

Lunch is served between 12:30pm and 2:30pm

Dinner is served between 7:00pm and 10:30pm

(Meal schedules are subjected to adaptations in accordance with hotel occupancy and meal predictability)

Only guests staying together are allowed simultaneous use of the lifts. It’s recommended to wait for another, to avoid possible cross-contamination;

In accordance with predicted meal service, the restaurant schedule may be altered and adapted, with separate scheduling by floors and/or making reservations;

The Bar is closed. Bar service will however be maintained until 11:00pm. The Bar door will work as the entry point for the Restaurant and the exit will be through the Restaurant door;

The SPA will be open from 9:00am till 8:00pm, with previous booking for usage, preferably 24h in advance;

The Beautician/Masseuse is available for treatments and massages from Tuesday through Saturday between 10:00am and 6:00pm. Bookings are to be made directly with her, preferably 24h beforehand;

Cleaning and maintenance services are only allowed when guests are away;

Towels for use at the Pool and SPA can be requested. However, during this time they are not allowed to be taken off the premises and cannot be taken to the beach;

The pool area has a maximum capacity for 8 simultaneous users. In accordance with the Hotel’s occupancy a rotational schedule might be applied to allow usage by all guests;

For the time being, our guests are no longer allowed to use the outdoor pool at Hotel Apartamentos Dunamar;

We suggest settling your bill the night previous to check-out, preferably via bank card;

In case of any questions please contact reception dialing “9” on the phone.





Being a 24h service, the designated contact person is the on-duty receptionist;

If necessary to request help from a colleague, according to the time the situation arises, one of the staff on-duty (previously selected) will be called upon; if none are available, the on-duty security guard will be contacted;

In case of a suspected case, the employee that detected it shall contact Reception via phone to report the situation;

The on-duty receptionist will enact the contingency plan procedures by contacting the suspected case:

  • Ø If it’s an employee, they should of their own accord direct themselves unaccompanied to apartment #108, designated as our isolation area, and contact the national hotline Linha SNS 808 24 24 24 and follow their instructions;
  • Ø In case it´s a guest, when the receptionist initiates contact, they should inquire whether the guest requires any assistance;
  • They should ask the guest if they can self-isolate in their lodging or if as a precaution prefer to be led to the isolation area, apartment #108;
  • If the guest’s preference is to self-isolate in their lodging, they should head there by themselves and contact the national hotline Linha SNS 808 24 24 24;
  • If they request any assistance, or prefer to be taken to the isolation area, the receptionist will call the on-duty colleague designated for this task and tell them to wear the full body PPE for contact with suspected cases, to accompany the guest and provide any required assistance;
  • And, from then on, follow the directions provided by the national hotline Linha SNS 808 24 24 24.
    • Ø The receptionist shall then inform the Administration;
    • Ø Should it be revealed as a false case, if the client chose to self-isolate in their lodging, no other measures are necessary; if the guest chose to be taken to the isolation area, it shall be sanitized and any item used by the guest shall be replenished;
    • Ø In case the suspected case is deemed positive, the directions provided by the national hotline Linha SNS 808 24 24 24 shall be followed; the guest shall be directed to the appropriate health services if medical attention is required, or when not needed, shall proceed to check-out and should return to their home to comply with quarantine procedures, in accordance with recommendations of the national hotline Linha SNS 808 24 24 24;
    • Ø The isolation area shall be properly sanitized and any produced biological residue shall be sent to the certified company hired for its proper disposal. After being sanitized, it will be closed for a 24h period. During this quarantine period of the designated isolation area, a previously determined backup isolation area will be activated, apartment #115.

If there is an occurrence during the night shift and a guest happens to request assistance in contacting the national hotline Linha SNS 808 24 24 24, the receptionist shall contact the on-duty security guard and request they go to the guest’s lodging after properly equipping themselves with a full body PPE.